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Vision Systems

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The Company

Established for 40 years in Europe, the company developed bespoke automatic vision systems for the tile manufacturing industry. It soon became the market leader in the industry having expended significant R & D costs over many years.


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The Project

We were approached by an Insolvency Practitioner to consider the value of the plant, patents, copyrights, trademarks, and associated IP with a view to arranging a sale to a known third party.


We attended a thorough on-site inspection at short notice and prepared a catalogue of assets.

The AMCO Approach

We examined the financials having identified all the assets and securing them accordingly. We provided a detailed review of the company resulting in a range of Values based on different circumstances namely a break up and as a going concern. 

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The Client Outcome

We successfully sold the IP for a seven figure sum based upon the precise and specific values apportioned in our report to the complete satisfaction of the clients, shareholders and creditors alike.

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