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About Us

AMCO was founded in 1991 as a valuation agency specialising in valuing and selling commercial assets for Insolvency Practitioners. 


We are proud to have been involved with thousands of cases, both large and small and successfully negotiated hundreds of millions of pounds of transactions. Clients include Deloitte, PWC, HM Customs & Excise, Banks, Law Firms, Finance Houses, Accountants and Insolvency Practitioners nationally.

Our expertise encompasses valuations for various asset types, including intangible assets and intellectual property (IP).

For years, we've skillfully guided clients through intricate negotiations, resulting in significant business and asset recovery, showcasing exceptional resolutions.

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Our Story

Established in 1991, AMCO was primarily founded to aid Insolvency Practitioners in maximising the value of company assets across various sectors. These include engineering, manufacturing, retail, and wholesale, while addressing creditor and retention of title claims. Over the years, we have represented numerous firms and managed thousands of cases.


Since 2000, our remit has developed to include intellectual property of all kinds. Our experience encompasses software platforms, valuable domain names, designs, copyrights, licenses, and associated goodwill. At AMCO, we are passionate about assisting clients in uncovering the concealed value of their intellectual property assets.

Our Values

Our clients' priorities are our priorities. They entrust us because:

Client First:  Our clients remain at the heart of everything we do. We make it our mission to fully understand each client's objective, and provide the best service possible.

Accuracy: In over 33 years of providing expert valuations, we have not been challenged once on any valuation provided. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, thorough due diligence, and extensive market research. 


Adaptable: We have embraced the challenges of a changing world. AMCO is well-equipped to address new technological advancement. 

Experience: With unparalleled expertise in IP discovery and valuation, we've earned the trust and respect of industry professionals. Our commitment to thorough IP diligence underscores our credibility.


How we can help


With over three decades of experience in the field, we specialise in providing comprehensive and accurate valuation services for our clients intellectual assets. At AMCO, we understand the importance of intellectual property in today's competitive landscape, and we are committed to assisting new and existing clients in realising the true value of their innovations.


Our consultative approach ensures that we prioritise our clients needs, offering tailored solutions to meet their specific requirements. Whether you are a startup, a growing business, or an established corporation, AMCO is here to guide you through the valuation process, providing expert advice and support every step of the way.


Trust in AMCO to unlock the full potential of your intellectual assets and propel your business forward. Book a call with us today by clicking here.

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