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Construction Management Software

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The Company

A pioneering construction management software firm focused on developing advanced digital tools for optimising construction project workflows. The Company specialises in cloud-based solutions that integrate project planning, scheduling, resource allocation, and compliance monitoring, aiming to enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs in the construction industry. Its software is licensed to construction companies, contractors, and project developers, with strategic alliances established with prominent industry players. 

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The Project

Approached by an M&A Advisory Firm, we were tasked with providing a professional valuation report to demonstrate maximum value of the IP. The key individuals were looking to exit, and seeking new owners to fully take advantage of the opportunity they had created in the market, whilst they were happy to work through a handover period.

The AMCO Approach

AMCO conducted extensive market research to determine the global capitalisation value of construction management software. The financials were thoroughly analysed, emphasising R&D costs and future revenue projections.

We carried out an appraisal of the Company’s IP using AMCO's cost-based approach, evaluating the thoroughness of IP asset documentation, protection, and management, and examined how these assets would be leveraged to meet the Company’s strategic business goals.

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The Client Outcome

With the benefit of our involvement, the M&A consultants were able to successfully negotiate an enhancement against original expectation pre-valuation.  

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