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Terms & Conditions

1. Inspection. Buyers are advised to make their own inspection of all assets for sale and satisfy themselves on all matters submitting a tender.

2. Description. Lots are believed to be correctly described in the attached schedule and form of tender, but no warranty is given or implied and are sold subject to all faults, imperfections (if any) and no error, omission or mis-statement shall invalidate a sale or be made subject of any claim whatsoever by the buyer.

3. Conduct of Sale. AMCO Agency reserve the right of admission to the premises and grounds. The conduct of the sale shall be at their sole discretion. If any dispute shall arise, the decision of AMCO Agency shall be final and binding on all parties.

4. Method of Tendering. Buyers made tender for individual lots, for sections or for the whole. Buyers will accept quantities as stated and no allowances will be made. Buyers are expected to make their own arrangements for clearing their lots where they are lying and will be expected to provide their own assistance and make their own arrangements for clearing their lots and loading on to vehicles etc. Under supervision of AMCO Agency.

5. Completion of Tender Forms. The tender form printed overleaf should be completed and returned as appropriate to AMCO Agency before the date and time detailed overleaf at the address given. The vendor reserves the right to reject tender received after that time. No tender shall be withdrawn after it has been received.

6. Acceptance of Tender. Purchasers will be informed of the acceptance of tenders as quickly as possible. The vendor does not undertake to accept the highest of any tender and reserves the right to withdraw all or any goods in any manner. If amongst the highest tenders there are two or more equal amounts, AMCO Agency shall declare the purchasers.

7. Insurance. As from the date and time the purchasers are declared, the goods shall be at the sole risk of the purchaser and no risk of damage will be accepted by the vendor or AMCO Agency.

8. Payment. The full amount of the purchase price as invoiced shall be sent by electronic telegraphic transfer of funds to a designated account as specified by AMCO Agency prior to the release of any goods. Tide shall pass upon receipt of cleared funds.

9. Clearance. No goods shall be removed until payment has been received in full and without the written consent of AMCO Agency.

10. Claims. No claims whatsoever will be accepted and the vendor shall make no allowance whatsoever.

11. Accident or Damage. AMCO Agency will not accept any responsibility for any accident, injury or damage which may occur whilst viewing or at a time of clearance and all persons entering do so at their own risk.

12. Damage to Property. Buyers or their representatives shall be liable to make good any damage caused by removal or otherwise. At their discretion AMCO Agency may require a deposit prior to and/or during the removal which will be repayable on the removal being completed to their satisfaction.

13. Disputes. If any disputes shall arise under the above conditions or in connection with any other matter relating to the conduct of sale such dispute of difference shall be referred to AMCO Agency and their decision will he conclusive and binding on all parties.

14. Value added Tax. All offers will be made exclusive of Value Added tax which where applicable will be made to the invoice.

15. Buyers Premium. All offers are subject to a buyers' premium of 5% plus Value added Tax.

16. Goods. Subject to Finance and Third Party Agreements All outstanding finance (where applicable) shall be settled by AMCO Agency from the sales proceeds, and title shall be passed thereafter. Purchasers will be advised in advance of goods subject to finance and third party agreements.

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