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Medical Technology

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The Company

A medical technology company specialising in developing AI-driven risk assessment solutions tailored for the healthcare sector. The Company's innovative software uses machine learning algorithms to provide highly accurate risk evaluations, personalised treatment options, and streamlined claims processing. It licenses its technology to healthcare trusts, medical insurance companies. 

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The Project

We were approached by an M&A consultancy to provide the company directors with an independent assessment of value in order to demonstrate the potential to investors and to new owners. 


After years of development, significant research and numerous successful trials, the product suite is in it's third version, and ready for launch. The M&A consultants believe that with an independent valuation, this will highlight how the sale can be substantiated after a full global market capitalisation assessment. 

The AMCO Approach

Using our AMCO approach, we evaluated the developed IP assets and analyzed their potential to support future revenue, especially from current patent licenses. Given the substantial investment in IP development and the limited commercialization so far, we applied a cost-based valuation method. This method considered the time and expense required to recreate the IP portfolio, the advancements in technology, and the expected duration of protection a recreated patent portfolio would offer.

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The Client Outcome

We performed a thorough valuation of the company’s technology, estimating the expected proceeds from selling the assets.

This valuation was crucial in enhancing the business's value and enabling a successful sale. The insights gained allowed M&A consultants to negotiate more effectively with potential buyers, leading to a favourable result for the company’s stakeholders.

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