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SEO Agency

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Client information

Established in 2000, a UK based company principle activity was exploiting, for others, its internet marketing knowledge and developing and applying tools to drive traffic to client sites essentially using SEO techniques contracted by site owners.


The Project

We were approached by an Insolvency Practitioner (under pressure to accept an offer by a shareholder) to value the IP as the company was facing a financial crisis having been put in Administration.

The AMCO Approach

We identified all the assets swiftly and secured a copy of the source code protecting our clients interest. Having provided a detailed review and Valuation we launched a Press Release and a digital marketing campaign which resulted in generating significant interest.

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The Client Outcome

We managed and handled all enquiries from the marketing campaign and were able to procure high value from various and separate buyers increasing the realisation of assets by a multiple of 15 times. 

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